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Fish to water. Shibby to art.

:) because doodles are just as important as finished pieces June 13, 2009


SHIBBY HERE posting for today XD

soo…. me and my friend chess tend to do crazy stuff together like spending all day in queues… and… whilst in the queue for Fall Out Boy, i doodled.

I thought I’d share a few of my doodles with you, to have a little break from my nice finished pieces. This set of 3 took me about 10-20 minutes to do (i was in hysterics whilst drawing coz i was soooo cold waiting in line for so long) It is me and the other girlies i was with at the time being absolute fan girls XD

will put up work from the past year from monday onwards mmkay? mix in my other works with the anime/manga/cute stuff ^_^

^_^ thank you everyone who likes my stuff 😀 its people like you who keep me motivated and determined to better myself everyday! WOO!

peace, love and happiness to all ~ shib