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GRAH! July 30, 2010

Ahoy hoy folks.

I know Shib hasn’t posted in a while due to gorram university commitments, and I dunno if I have any other hidden pieces of items of amusement to post.

So I’ll put this up for fun:

Yes. I am cool.  Look at me rocking that gorram (can ya tell I’ve just finished watching Firefly?) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt.  I mean, that’s preposterously rock’n’roll.

….Yeah…I think I got slightly off topic.  So I’ll post up some rubbish I’ve done instead.  I’m no artist by any means, but my doodles and brainfarts sometimes produce summat remotely pretty to look at.

So yeah, I hope Siobhan has something new to post.  If not….well, then there’s nothing much I can do.



30k reached July 20, 2010

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Congratulation Shib!

I’d be more enthused but I work too hard…

I’ll think of summat to put up for this by the weekend.  Who knows, maybe Siobhan will actually provide me with summat to use…


Greetings from the London Film And Comic Convention July 18, 2010

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Ahoy hoy folks.

No Siobhan for this week again, but myself, Sajan and some other folks from our old school went to the London Film and Comic Convention, which this year hosted Mike Tyson and William Shatner.  We saw neither, but did get a glimpse at a few old Star Wars actors 🙂

Since Shib has provided no art for this week, I’ll be posting my latest abomination and perhaps later adding what others drew.

After a half hour trying to draw something good, I finally anthropomorphised a hot dog.  Sajan provided the title.

…So blame him…


What’s wrong Lakshmi July 10, 2010

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If memory serves me correctly, Siobhan’s friend Lakshmi (hereby referred to as Shmii), needed a comic for her uni magazine/newspaper/a flier.  Chib drew a basic outline for something or other.  Maybe she can provide details on the story behind it.

Or better yet, maybe someone else could come up with what they’re saying in each panel?




Nearing… July 5, 2010

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The blog is nearly at 30,000 hits.

That’s a pretty freaking big EEP(!) right there.  If Shib isn’t working then, maybe we’ll have a special update of sorts.  Heck, maybe even a competition that I’d be willing to sort out!!

Either way, I shall begin preparing a cheese for the occasion…


Hadithi-Hadithi July 4, 2010

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Just a preview of a comic page i did for the following project:

hopefully its good enough to put on there. if it is it should be up soon.

got last minute uni work to do so wont be posting on here till its done (deadline is end of july)

peace out.