The artwork of Siobhan Alcaide

Fish to water. Shibby to art.

REPOST: Fat Cat August 28, 2010

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GRAH good peoples!

(Grah – hi)

This week sees the return of Fat Cat.  In other news, I’ll be seeing Janelle Monae next week and have made some songs with some friends, but they’re horrifying.

Shib’s life is currently a mystery, but I’m fairly sure she’s making preparations for her return to uni.

Till next week amigos,



Fimo cat in red.  An army should be coming this summer in a plethora of colours.  They will overun her house in their simple cuteness.


REPOST: Bear Love August 22, 2010

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Hey again there.

This week’s throwback to older art on here comes in the form of an old clay bear.  Pretty darned cute.

Till the next fresh post or blast from the past,

Jiten (who’s making an EP with freaks)


Fishing for love, these two bears were made of kiln clay on a boring college day.


REPOST: Cupcake Mouse August 16, 2010

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Ahoy again people.

Seems Shib’s not been heeding my cried to post.  *sadface* So yet again, I must repost some older stuff to front page.

At least this week is a mighty good ‘un.  It seems an age since I remember her making any fimo clay stuff, so maybe this will remind hr that she still does good work with it 😀



Hand made, hand painted.  Cupcake Mouse stands at approximately 4cm tall and made out of fimo clay.  Should not be eaten.


REPOST: Kari & Jiro in full colour August 9, 2010

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Hey folks, sorry it’s come to this, but since Shib isn’t around to post anything new, I thought I’d bring some of the older stuff to the front page so passersby could see it 🙂  Description after the pic.



Kari and Jiro were created last year as part of a story concept.  The protagonists of a fantasy story, part inspired by Studio Ghibli, Siobhan created this computer generated rendition of the characters embracing each other.