The artwork of Siobhan Alcaide

Fish to water. Shibby to art.

Winter Fat Cat December 29, 2010

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ermmmmm…. the pictures kinda small…. so click here for bigger image 🙂

Its a fat cat…. dressed for winter…. dunno what else to say really lololol



Swellers Tshirt December 12, 2010

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SOOOOO the lyrics are “I’ll be ok, ’cause I’ve got the stars”

Stars by The Swellers

Hand drawn straight onto the t-shirt, and I got them to sign it XD

i suppose its ok for my first attempt at a Tshirt…. but i think it could be better :/

(i WILL invest in a screen printing kit one day…)

but yeah, they’re like, on my list of bands to see in 2011! a list that is slowly growing in size….

(can’t be bothered to rotate the last picture…)