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Pig Plane February 6, 2011

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This is what happens when I’m bored…

and have clay near me….

and Welcome Back Riders starts playing in the background….


In other news, uni is coming up so thing will be going back to more unfrequent again.



Man Overboard Bear January 30, 2011

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I really really love them right now. serious face. I LOOOOVE THEMMMMM.

I’ve been listening to them everyday for the past month. and i can’t stop.

I had an idea to make a “Band of Bears” (it was either that or “Musical Bears”) where i make figures themed to bands that I love to shreds. After making this one, i’m beginning to regret both the size (7″) and the materials i chose (air drying clay) so this may be the first and last 7″ bear you see on here.
Next week will probably be more photos of stuff

Peace out!


Cupcake Results January 22, 2011

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ok, I just came back from Portugal today, gotta get ready to go Nottingham tomoro, and i can’t find where i put my Cupcake photos, SO I’m just gonna link you to my Deviantart > cupcakes yo

Thats 4th place, just click the “< prev” button above to see the rest

good night and till next week?



The Red Velvet Session January 16, 2011

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erm, i have a bit of a “cake addiction” atm (i’ve eaten way too many cupcakes in the span of 2 weeks. i’m in some serious need of fruit….)

Me and my friend did a little session of red velvet cupcakes to decide which place (out of 4 we knew of) did them the best!

Results next week 🙂


erm…. Baroque like octopus? January 10, 2011

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erm… i drew an octopus… it currently lives on my personal statement that goes with my CV…

*pokes screen*

BUT YEAH its basically a cuter version of this octopus i designed in college. I dunno if i’ve posted that up yet of not…. but if i can find that sketchbook…. i shall post it up 🙂




And so 2011 begins January 2, 2011

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Best Christmas tree of 2010 lol i think its still in the tube station too!

but erm yeah… so 2010 is OVER and we are now in 2011… so strange…. and well, since i haven’t got any work to post up, i thought i’d leave you guys with a few music videos-

Good cover of Norah Jones

OK covers of Kanye West and Corinne Bailey Rae

Bad covers of Mariah Carey and Rihanna

I’m workin on a logo for a friend, and gots a Uni hand in on the 13th… fun times….


(It seems i’ll be double posting on here and on my shared blog with Sanabu until we solve a few issues and actually get to do collaborations. seriously. i feel like i haven’t seen her in months T^T )



Winter Fat Cat December 29, 2010

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ermmmmm…. the pictures kinda small…. so click here for bigger image 🙂

Its a fat cat…. dressed for winter…. dunno what else to say really lololol



Swellers Tshirt December 12, 2010

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SOOOOO the lyrics are “I’ll be ok, ’cause I’ve got the stars”

Stars by The Swellers

Hand drawn straight onto the t-shirt, and I got them to sign it XD

i suppose its ok for my first attempt at a Tshirt…. but i think it could be better :/

(i WILL invest in a screen printing kit one day…)

but yeah, they’re like, on my list of bands to see in 2011! a list that is slowly growing in size….

(can’t be bothered to rotate the last picture…)


Ok so, maybe i wont completely ditch the blog October 24, 2010

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After all, it would be such a waste after all this time! so for now i suppose it’ll just be inactive until i sort myself out ^_^’

until then -

Its getting Bu used to blogging!

See you on the other blog!


One Step At A Time October 11, 2010

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Well as you may have noticed, i haven’t posted anything on here in ages. thats because i haven’t drawn anything decent since my last post.

I have been baking alot tho. see?

Soooo I’ve decided from this day on, this blog is going to be inactive.

I now have a new artist name, “Bii” (to add to my list – chibi-shibby, shybii and chu) and i will be writing on a new blog with my good friend Bu on –

As i keep hinting over and over again – i can’t produce something new every week, and as the past few months have shown – i can go for long periods of time not producing anything. So this new blog will allow me to post less frequently, and it wont solely be about my art – it’ll be about 2 girls, their lives, and them trying to work with their talents to make something for people to enjoy and be inspired by.

So to conclude this post:


any pieces i do will be posted on

any short comics i ever do will be posted on

and my new blog, co-owned with a friend is

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on here despite my inconsistancy in posting. I’m doing this to hopefully become BETTER at this whole juggling projects thing – by taking things one step at a time and doing things at my own pace, i hope to cope better with work loads and improve my prioritising. I’m also doing this to push my friend to use her talent, and in turn this whole thing will encourage me to do something i’ve been wanting to do for YEARS – design and make clothes. That and make an actual portfolio/website thingy i can call my own 😀

It will be a slow journey, mainly because i’m a slow worker, but hopefully you’ll come along for the ride ^_^

peace and love


(ps, if your wondering “why doesnt she post her comics on here?” I wanted to keep all my little comic strips in one place – thats why you wont see them on deviantart either.)