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Greetings from the London Film And Comic Convention July 18, 2010

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Ahoy hoy folks.

No Siobhan for this week again, but myself, Sajan and some other folks from our old school went to the London Film and Comic Convention, which this year hosted Mike Tyson and William Shatner.  We saw neither, but did get a glimpse at a few old Star Wars actors 🙂

Since Shib has provided no art for this week, I’ll be posting my latest abomination and perhaps later adding what others drew.

After a half hour trying to draw something good, I finally anthropomorphised a hot dog.  Sajan provided the title.

…So blame him…


Star Maiden June 19, 2010

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My final sketch for fairytales. This one is based on a Filipino Fairytale i looked up. their are different versions, so i did a few sketches and i think this one was my best one.

The basic story is, when a star comes down to earth they are in human form, and have to take something off? like wings, or a white gown.

in the stories i read, a man decides to steal whatever it is they need to get back to the sky so they can marry the star maiden.

(guess what software i managed to get back? :D)


Beauty June 12, 2010

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Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beeeeeeast

man… thanks alot jiten! how am i meant to beat that cheese?!!?!?!


Be Back Soon May 30, 2010

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ok, so, i havent really been updating on here or deviantart properly for a while, and i wont be for the next month until i get all my work done mmkay?

well maybe a bit longer…. once i get that done i got some things i need to take care of too, but thats a surprise! (if i am successful that is. if i fail i’ll let you know of all the details of how i screwed up XD)

now for todays submission

it is one of 3 sketches for what would have been my entry for the MCM Sweatdrop competition. I didnt know which fairytale to do so i drew several out. This one is Snow White. that thing behind her is meant to be the queen in her disguise. FAIL

The theme this year was fairytales, but yeah… there were a few complications this past week that resulted in my failure to go this weekend –

6yr olds on a bouncy castle (yup. thats me buried there)


Music Festival (wall of death is NOT as fun as it sounds)


Bad Combination

the bouncy castle was the worst part. one girl started yelling ” JUMP ON HER HEAD!!!”

and she did @_@

erm… soo… i guess i’ll see ya in a month or so?

byeeeee *cyber hi5*


MCM Tomorrow May 29, 2010

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Ahoy hoy folks.

If you’re in London tomorrow, you may be able to catch Shib at the MCM Expo.  I’m well informed that she should be there with some other arty folks.  Like the last few expos, she’ll be drawing summat to put up, so there should be some brand new art to post up tomorrow 🙂

The easiest way to find her is to find the indian guy dressed as Mario.  His name will be Devinder and he won’t be far from Shib methinks.  I’ll be there too, but I don’t dress up.  I’m far too cowardly.  However, I will be drawing an anthropomorphic cheese in the artist’s alley.  If she doesn’t post, I WILL put that up.

…Heck, I may post it up even if she does 😀



MCM Contest Entry October 2009 October 25, 2009

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So this here is Shib’s MCM pre-made entry in the party themed contest.  It’s based on her Unique Freaks story.

Results shubbe tomorrow. 🙂


Simple Star Eater October 11, 2009

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‘Tis a simple drawing of the old clay StarEater Shib made and I think this one was turned into a charm using shrink plastic.

…MCM in two weeks….I think she may be doing quick requests if she feels like it XD


Hungry Rabbit June 9, 2009

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me hungee

Created at the MCM expo a few weeks back, this was Shib’s second proposed entry to the Artists’ Alley competition. 

NB, the rabbit started life as a plushie 🙂


Attack of the Ls May 24, 2009

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Part 2 of Shib’s art entry at the London MCM.  This was based on the day’s observations. 

…They may as well have called it Deathnote con. @_@


Boys Boys Boys May 23, 2009

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It seems Shib really takes influence from some songs.  Based on the Laday Gaga song, she drew this self portrait as an entry to the MCM Expo’s home-made art competition.  It got many a look.

Shib’s ego boosted slightly so she can feel good about her art now.