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Flowers 2 January 30, 2010

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Another flowery painting type thingy done for uni.

looking at it makes me wanna take up finger painting again XD

or atleast pratice more with paints….


Flowers… January 23, 2010

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Done with acrylics and inks… and i bit of watercolour i think….

OH and metallic gel pens! XD

*tends mix everything together*

It’s a section of fabric from a Japanese kimono from 1910-1925

its been a while since i’ve touched my paints



Flower Earrings September 12, 2009

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More jewellery made by Shib today.  I can’t remember what it’s made from though…


Modern Baroque…. fashion illustration? July 11, 2009

b1 copyi remember feeling really happy when i did this

now i just feel a bit blinded by it XD

one of our tasks was to have a fashion outcome for our topic title “Modern Baroque”

and this is one of my fashion illustrations produced.

i quite liked my fashion design sketch book…. i shall dig it up some time 🙂