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Cupcake Results January 22, 2011

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ok, I just came back from Portugal today, gotta get ready to go Nottingham tomoro, and i can’t find where i put my Cupcake photos, SO I’m just gonna link you to my Deviantart > cupcakes yo

Thats 4th place, just click the “< prev” button above to see the rest

good night and till next week?



The Red Velvet Session January 16, 2011

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erm, i have a bit of a “cake addiction” atm (i’ve eaten way too many cupcakes in the span of 2 weeks. i’m in some serious need of fruit….)

Me and my friend did a little session of red velvet cupcakes to decide which place (out of 4 we knew of) did them the best!

Results next week 🙂


Noodle August 29, 2009

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Too much fruit can be bad.  Remember, kids: noodles are a good source of cheap nutrition.


There Are No Cupcakes In Mars (a.k.a Choco Cookie!) August 25, 2009



This experiment in surreality comes courtesy of an art free-for-all at the Lazy Oaf store on Carnaby Street a few months back.  Siobhan worked with her friend Lakshmii and produced something that encompasses both cute and bizarre.

Oh…and cookies for the third day running…


Fat Cat Cookie August 23, 2009

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a bit of fun/randomness today!

no digital camera, so had to take this with my phone camera

no photoshop, so had to draw the face on paint

^_^ i make cookies today. Me decided to make a fat cat out of the leftover cookie dough

23082009462 copy

Fat cat loves you!

~ Chu ❤


Fishy Fishy May 29, 2009

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Siobhan can be a bit evil time to time…

Eating a talking fish is bad, mmkay?


EAT May 7, 2009

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As part of a Don’t Panic competition to design new Momiji dolls, Shib made a set of three based on the fundamentals of her life.  EAT is number one, the other two will come soon enough.