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erm…. Baroque like octopus? January 10, 2011

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erm… i drew an octopus… it currently lives on my personal statement that goes with my CV…

*pokes screen*

BUT YEAH its basically a cuter version of this octopus i designed in college. I dunno if i’ve posted that up yet of not…. but if i can find that sketchbook…. i shall post it up 🙂




Button Button, Whos got the button? March 13, 2010

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Mark making is fun 😀

this wish drawn with… *thinks*… erm… i think i did it with a pippette?

and then charcoal for zee background


I Wish that You Loved Me – pt2 July 20, 2009

IMG_9572 copy

After coming up with images of girls for that lyric, i decided to make things a bit more crazy by adding a boy into the picture.

now, i originally just picked out a random boy from the uniqlo newspaper, but decided i needed to go one up from that. and thats when me and my friend Chess went to the Twilight premiere…

IMG_9580 copy

Thank you screaming fans. You helped me pass this project 🙂 oh and Robert Pattinson too 😀



I wish that you loved me – pt1 July 19, 2009

This was done for a project titled “Visually Enhanced Quotation.”

It is based on the line “I wish that you loved me” from the song Nicest Thing by Kate Nash. It originally started out as an ink drawing shown on the left. Then i started playing with tracing paper and the library photocopier resulting in the right image.

🙂 photocopying is fun

Iwish that you loved me 1

SO within the past hour or two i have:

a) photographed about 20 days worth of posts from some of this years sketch books

b) LOST my CHIBI SKETCHBOOK *cries* I’m sorry Hirano and Andy, and to the people who were waiting for them!!! i shall hunt for it and find it soon mmkay?

c) realised that i really like working in Black and White/Grayscale XD

d) come to the conclusion that writing and creating stories/mangas etc is alot harder when your thinking of 5 different stories at the same time whilst coming up with design ideas for jeweller and bags

Till Tomoro!