The artwork of Siobhan Alcaide

Fish to water. Shibby to art.

dA ID April 11, 2010

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Ahoy hoy folks.  I still can’t get  hold of Shib to tell her to post so I thought I’d stick this old DeviantART ID up.  It may be a few years old, but its all true.


Helper Monkey November 21, 2009

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So at least we’re keeping it weekly.

That’s good right?

….Okay, so I’m doing a 2000 word essay and Shib is drawing.  She hasn’t come close to finishing summat to post up and I’ve worked as much as I will tonight, so I give you Helper Monkey.


…I refuse to wear a leash regardless of how much I help her…


Maths Revision… June 28, 2009

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Here is some procrastination from a few years back.  She’s an original character that (again) went nowhere.