The artwork of Siobhan Alcaide

Fish to water. Shibby to art.

Lesson 1 – Faces March 20, 2010

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I’m giving a friend lessons on drawing? and this kinda developed randomly whilst i was teaching her REALLY badly

it started as lips. then it grew a whole face

i think next lesson will be body proportions i guesss


POKEMON OC’s August 12, 2009

some old pokemon OC’s i redrew for funs 🙂

the blue one doesn’t have a name, but the panda head is Lani


Done with Graphic pens, watercolours/inks and colouring pencils



Experiment with drawing July 13, 2009

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Until Siobhan gets her camera back, I’ll still be posting old stuff up.


Not like that’s a bad thing at all though.


Hidden Tears July 3, 2009

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Hidden Tears is a very old piece of work for Siobhan’s GCSE.  It’s ink, pencils and pastels.


Quest Fan Art Request – Victor May 20, 2009


This is a requested piece of fan art from one of Shib’s followers on deviantART.  Stepping away from her adorable chibi drawings of the Quest gang, she shows what she can really do with this pencilled picture of Victor.


Girl May 4, 2009

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Made of pencils and pastels, this girl was a character design for a story concept from a long while back.