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Fish to water. Shibby to art.

:O -! October 6, 2009

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Jiten: I have no description for this.  I’m hoping Shib will notice and fill in summat…

Shib: TIS MY MUMMY!!!! lol no seriously, this is my mum leaving the house…. you really shoulda posted these picures in order boyyyy *glares* just kidding!

When i get all my art gear sorted out i shall scan everything (and i mean EVERYTHING) and arrange it in a way that flows and tells a story mmkay?

peace out peoples!


The Cute Alphabet August 14, 2009

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one of my topics in college was “Visual Alphabet”

I decided do my own take on “cute counting” but with the alphabet, and create poses for those cool photo booths in china town

i didnt just want to make a pretty alphabet, i wanted to do something a bit more interactive…. and funny… and more challenging…

it. was. hard.

cute alphaso hard i couldnt even think of anything for R and S

and so hard to get loads of people to take photos in these poses, i had to improvise.

seriously. only a few people on facebook were willing to act stupid for 5 minutes to help me.

it was only just for a bit of fun…

i guess some people are just too serious  😦

anywayyssss lol if anyone decides to pose like these, send me pictures mmkay?



BIRDYYYYYY July 8, 2009

birddyyyyy copyanother photoshop experimentation

excuse my pathetic titles with these images ^_^’

now then… off to play “Another Code: A journey into Lost Memories”

*hugs Wii console*