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Cupcake Results January 22, 2011

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ok, I just came back from Portugal today, gotta get ready to go Nottingham tomoro, and i can’t find where i put my Cupcake photos, SO I’m just gonna link you to my Deviantart > cupcakes yo

Thats 4th place, just click the “< prev” button above to see the rest

good night and till next week?



The Red Velvet Session January 16, 2011

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erm, i have a bit of a “cake addiction” atm (i’ve eaten way too many cupcakes in the span of 2 weeks. i’m in some serious need of fruit….)

Me and my friend did a little session of red velvet cupcakes to decide which place (out of 4 we knew of) did them the best!

Results next week 🙂


Modern Baroque Mood Board August 13, 2009

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OK so this is a mood board for the Modern Baroque project i was given at college.

we were told to make moodboards that expressed the 2.

I kinda just decided to use my scrap materials/print outs and pin them to a board (didnt wanna aste anything ya no?)

i HONESTLY thought my tutors were gonna eat me alive when i handed this in….

but turned out they loved it @_@ that still makes me wonder even now… why?


everyone else’s was sooooo much more neater, and nicer, and they spent more time on theres, and yet they were like “WOW LIKE AWESOME” (ok not exactly like that, but yeah…)

i guess sometimes its better when u do things spontaneously 🙂