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And so 2011 begins January 2, 2011

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Best Christmas tree of 2010 lol i think its still in the tube station too!

but erm yeah… so 2010 is OVER and we are now in 2011… so strange…. and well, since i haven’t got any work to post up, i thought i’d leave you guys with a few music videos-

Good cover of Norah Jones

OK covers of Kanye West and Corinne Bailey Rae

Bad covers of Mariah Carey and Rihanna

I’m workin on a logo for a friend, and gots a Uni hand in on the 13th… fun times….


(It seems i’ll be double posting on here and on my shared blog with Sanabu until we solve a few issues and actually get to do collaborations. seriously. i feel like i haven’t seen her in months T^T )



Umbrella August 27, 2009

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Yes.  We all should now hate this song.  It spammed the airwaves and spawned several covers (Biffy Clyro’s being the better of the lot).  But(!), it also inspired this cutest of fimo necklace pendants.