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GRAH! July 30, 2010

Ahoy hoy folks.

I know Shib hasn’t posted in a while due to gorram university commitments, and I dunno if I have any other hidden pieces of items of amusement to post.

So I’ll put this up for fun:

Yes. I am cool.  Look at me rocking that gorram (can ya tell I’ve just finished watching Firefly?) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt.  I mean, that’s preposterously rock’n’roll.

….Yeah…I think I got slightly off topic.  So I’ll post up some rubbish I’ve done instead.  I’m no artist by any means, but my doodles and brainfarts sometimes produce summat remotely pretty to look at.

So yeah, I hope Siobhan has something new to post.  If not….well, then there’s nothing much I can do.



Smile! I love you. June 15, 2009

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Contest entry for a Lazy Oaf t-shirt contest.