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A Different Experiment June 24, 2009

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“Today and yesterday were great days :)

in our biology lesson, we did an orientation investigation with woodlice. we put them in these badly joined petri-dishes – each side with a different condition. EVERYONE was squemish and rele freaked out by them and goin “URGH” every 5 seconds. I on the other hand picked them up with my bare hands and let them scuttle around on my hands XD

ALL my lessons were cancelled, so i decided to crash my friends lesson, despite it being the same lesson as yesterday. so i experienced the introduction again, but then he started sayin something along the lines of:

‘the experiment today is going to be slightly different. the woodlice in the previous experiments moved really fast, so i decided today that we’ll be doing the experiment with….. MAGGOTS!!!!”

EVERYONE screamed and yelled! “URGH!!!… OMG!!!…. THATS DISGUSTING SIR!!!….” whilst i was dying of laughter!!! he had the hugest grin on his face, and everyone was just….. freaking out and being rele loud!!! i practically did the whole experiment for my friends! they kept escaping from the petri-dishes too XD
again i was the only one to pick them up with my hands

my teacher must think i’m so weird XD i’m gonna give this drawing to him on tuesday, hence the arrows pointing to him and me+my friends. haha. i wonder what he’ll say…”