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REPOST: Jiten Plushie September 19, 2010

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I’m your flashback to art from several years ago today.  But fret not, I’ll start adding new art soon, albeit from other awesome people and not necessarily Siobhan.

Till the weekend folks!



About a year and a bit back, Siobhan made this soft toy version of me.  It was all for practise, but it came out really rather well 🙂

Yes, I used to wear a waistcoat back then, and my hair was a lot more spiky.

The plushie is made of felt and cushion stuffing.


REPOST: Bear Love August 22, 2010

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Hey again there.

This week’s throwback to older art on here comes in the form of an old clay bear.  Pretty darned cute.

Till the next fresh post or blast from the past,

Jiten (who’s making an EP with freaks)


Fishing for love, these two bears were made of kiln clay on a boring college day.


The Blue Oyster Monkey April 24, 2010

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So it has been a year 🙂

And a lot has change.  Siobhan is now a university student and suffers from the workload.  I’m gradually beginning to become a workaholic and am maintaining a level of borderline sanity.  Now to today’s post:

Shib made this thing ages ago as something for me to put my Oyster card in that didn’t have IKEA written on it.  It’s made of felt and hasn’t broken, so you know it’s good craftwork 🙂  And it also has my then-signature waistcoat 😛

Again, a many thanks for your visits.  Still a lil surprised that over 18000 people have visited here.

❤ for you guys.


Phobia of Cute Things January 16, 2010

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Purple Squishy Bunny November 7, 2009

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Plushie Cat Ransom October 15, 2009

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Until my demands are met, here is a version of her from her final project.


Simple Star Eater October 11, 2009

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‘Tis a simple drawing of the old clay StarEater Shib made and I think this one was turned into a charm using shrink plastic.

…MCM in two weeks….I think she may be doing quick requests if she feels like it XD