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erm…. Baroque like octopus? January 10, 2011

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erm… i drew an octopus… it currently lives on my personal statement that goes with my CV…

*pokes screen*

BUT YEAH its basically a cuter version of this octopus i designed in college. I dunno if i’ve posted that up yet of not…. but if i can find that sketchbook…. i shall post it up 🙂




Star Maiden June 19, 2010

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My final sketch for fairytales. This one is based on a Filipino Fairytale i looked up. their are different versions, so i did a few sketches and i think this one was my best one.

The basic story is, when a star comes down to earth they are in human form, and have to take something off? like wings, or a white gown.

in the stories i read, a man decides to steal whatever it is they need to get back to the sky so they can marry the star maiden.

(guess what software i managed to get back? :D)


Beauty June 12, 2010

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Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beeeeeeast

man… thanks alot jiten! how am i meant to beat that cheese?!!?!?!


Be Back Soon May 30, 2010

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ok, so, i havent really been updating on here or deviantart properly for a while, and i wont be for the next month until i get all my work done mmkay?

well maybe a bit longer…. once i get that done i got some things i need to take care of too, but thats a surprise! (if i am successful that is. if i fail i’ll let you know of all the details of how i screwed up XD)

now for todays submission

it is one of 3 sketches for what would have been my entry for the MCM Sweatdrop competition. I didnt know which fairytale to do so i drew several out. This one is Snow White. that thing behind her is meant to be the queen in her disguise. FAIL

The theme this year was fairytales, but yeah… there were a few complications this past week that resulted in my failure to go this weekend –

6yr olds on a bouncy castle (yup. thats me buried there)


Music Festival (wall of death is NOT as fun as it sounds)


Bad Combination

the bouncy castle was the worst part. one girl started yelling ” JUMP ON HER HEAD!!!”

and she did @_@

erm… soo… i guess i’ll see ya in a month or so?

byeeeee *cyber hi5*


Button Button, Whos got the button? March 13, 2010

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Mark making is fun 😀

this wish drawn with… *thinks*… erm… i think i did it with a pippette?

and then charcoal for zee background


The Fergusson Family March 6, 2010

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I drew this for a presentation at uni

it took me about 5 minutes?

i think…

*is slow*


The Fork in the Road February 27, 2010

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this is an OLD piece my friend has hung in her room

i think it was for… GCSE?

didnt really know what else to call it so yeah… sorry for lame title lol


My Friend Joanna February 20, 2010

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This is my friend Joanna

I want to steal her drawing skills



What am I doing here? February 13, 2010

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I think “why am I here?” probably would’ve been better to write >.<‘

this one is Dia.

she’s slightly more messed up than Kelsey is.

i should draw more.

but i think my graphic design course is actually trying to take over my life.

-_-‘ booooo


Who am I? February 6, 2010

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next few pictures are gonna be of my OC’s Kelsey and Dia from a story concept of mine.

they’re both a bit lost in their heads, but in their own ways.

This girly is Kelsey.

Style was inspired by Sarah Burgess (i hope i spelt her name right)

i recently bought her comic “Far-Out-Mantic”

it. is. awesome.