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Fish to water. Shibby to art.

Southend Beach – Essex April 18, 2010

This is a picture of Southend in Essex, taken with a pinhole camera

i thought i cropped my photos at uni for the blog (still have no photoshop or working camera/scanner btw)

but it appears i havent +_+ so yeah, wednesday i shall crop them AGAIN for the blog

as i said before in my last post, i want to actually work on pieces specifically for the blog, but thats probably not going to happen at this rate as i have developed alot of side projects

i helping out my bro, makin toys and wat not for this –

and comic ideas to develop – SECRET because i’m being dead serious about my story concepts now

and i wanna actually start making stuff with my friend chessie, who by the way has a blog of her own now –

but these last few weeks of uni are going to be HELL because i don’t have ANYTHING DONE

thats a whole lot of plans i have for the summer, so yeah, like i mentioned before – PATIENCE, coz if second and third year = more work, then this blog is gonna get pretty irregular much like chessies,

and this one too – (these guys are aweome! got to paint with them and everything!)

I was never good at keeping diaries lol

maybe thats why new crack city has someone else doing the blog for them.

maybe the life of an artist is alot MORE stupid crazy than i orginally thought it was.

maybe i’m biting off more than i can chew.

maybe next year i’ll learn to manage my time properly.

thank you all for your support and kindness, this year will be my year to start something and achieve it.

i just don’t know what yet lol but you’ll be updated on my progress on these things when i have decent stuff to post. until then you shall receive my photography experiments

>:] bring it yo!


Sunlight Off The Horizon November 3, 2009

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Shib takes a mighty fine stab at photography with this capture of a sunset from her brother’s bedroom.

…she really likes her new camera.


Low Contrast Horror October 2, 2009



More of the same as yesterday, but with more manipulation in the background.


Alone in the house October 1, 2009



Shib uses mixed media in this image.  Utilising sketches, photography, face paints and photomanipulation, this macabre image is related to a story from her past.


Otaku – The Over-Imaginative Girl August 10, 2009



Shib’s art final piece for AS Level Art (I think) is this front cover for her story, loosely connected to her brother’s short film also entitled ‘Otaku’.


<3 August 2, 2009

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An actual photo of Shib.  A little less art here, but more about expression through photoshop.