The artwork of Siobhan Alcaide

Fish to water. Shibby to art.

REPOST: Panda Tree September 12, 2010

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(Sorry for nothing new again. Nowt at all I can do to get summat from Siobhan.)



“I watched Origin: Spirits of the Past.
…And came up with this(?)
Nothing really to do with it….
But it’s green(?)”


:O -! October 6, 2009

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Jiten: I have no description for this.  I’m hoping Shib will notice and fill in summat…

Shib: TIS MY MUMMY!!!! lol no seriously, this is my mum leaving the house…. you really shoulda posted these picures in order boyyyy *glares* just kidding!

When i get all my art gear sorted out i shall scan everything (and i mean EVERYTHING) and arrange it in a way that flows and tells a story mmkay?

peace out peoples!


Low Contrast Horror October 2, 2009



More of the same as yesterday, but with more manipulation in the background.


Alone in the house October 1, 2009



Shib uses mixed media in this image.  Utilising sketches, photography, face paints and photomanipulation, this macabre image is related to a story from her past.


Windy August 30, 2009


oh man, my Super School Girl phase XD


drawn when i was 15. i made up my own little team of elemental girlies 😛

i was REALLY obssessed with W.I.T.C.H.

i have now completely discarded this story idea and come up with something a bit more darker.

whether it takes me a year or 5, i shall complete it 🙂



Otaku – The Over-Imaginative Girl August 10, 2009



Shib’s art final piece for AS Level Art (I think) is this front cover for her story, loosely connected to her brother’s short film also entitled ‘Otaku’.


<3 August 2, 2009

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An actual photo of Shib.  A little less art here, but more about expression through photoshop.


Soul Love Sound July 9, 2009

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Some more of Shib’s much older work today.  This musical piece was inspired by summat she saw in Camden…I think…