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The Red Velvet Session January 16, 2011

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erm, i have a bit of a “cake addiction” atm (i’ve eaten way too many cupcakes in the span of 2 weeks. i’m in some serious need of fruit….)

Me and my friend did a little session of red velvet cupcakes to decide which place (out of 4 we knew of) did them the best!

Results next week 🙂


erm…. Baroque like octopus? January 10, 2011

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erm… i drew an octopus… it currently lives on my personal statement that goes with my CV…

*pokes screen*

BUT YEAH its basically a cuter version of this octopus i designed in college. I dunno if i’ve posted that up yet of not…. but if i can find that sketchbook…. i shall post it up 🙂




REPOST: Jiten Plushie September 19, 2010

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I’m your flashback to art from several years ago today.  But fret not, I’ll start adding new art soon, albeit from other awesome people and not necessarily Siobhan.

Till the weekend folks!



About a year and a bit back, Siobhan made this soft toy version of me.  It was all for practise, but it came out really rather well 🙂

Yes, I used to wear a waistcoat back then, and my hair was a lot more spiky.

The plushie is made of felt and cushion stuffing.


REPOST: Girls need cute things, Or else they’ll die September 4, 2010

Today’s small repost comes courtesy of some Quest Crew fangirl-ism a couple of years back.

In other news: watch Scott Pilgrim.  It’s pure and refined awesomeness.



Yet another piece of Quest Crew fan art.  But this one is more about Siobhan I think….

The title sums it up…

But yes, Lydia is the grabbing onto all the chibis.  Victor is on the left.  Feng is draggin Steve in the background.  Hok is yelling for Ryan.  Lydia is manhandling Hirano and D-trix.  Ryan is having a mental breakdown in the right corner.



Ermm.. May 8, 2010

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I’m not sure if Shib has posted this before…but she has not been on any radar of late so I needed to find summat.

I think this is Thai and Tasha(?).  I’m not sure so maybe she can fill in the blanks…


YUP! tis Thai and Tasha! we were saying bye to him, they hugged, and whilst he was hugging her

he says “AWWWW just like hugging a babyyyy.”

she was not happy.


Ruby and Nabiil January 2, 2010

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🙂 Nabiil (left) tends to try it with Ruby alot (right)

i just had to draw them 😀


Meet Thai December 19, 2009

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Thai likes to wind us girlies up at Uni. by mocking how short we are, or calling some of us fat

Then theres Sanah at the top of the picture who just likes to generally bully him.

She is the ring leader of this revenge attack 😛

i might redo this picture because i’m not too happy with how the hair photocopied before i coloured it….

Next few pictures will be related to my friends at Uni 😀 because they’re cool like that


CHU <3 November 28, 2009

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Me + Jiten ^_^


Helper Monkey November 21, 2009

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So at least we’re keeping it weekly.

That’s good right?

….Okay, so I’m doing a 2000 word essay and Shib is drawing.  She hasn’t come close to finishing summat to post up and I’ve worked as much as I will tonight, so I give you Helper Monkey.


…I refuse to wear a leash regardless of how much I help her…


Shibby Sheep October 19, 2009

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because making sheep noises is fun 🙂