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REPOST: Badge Designs October 4, 2010

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Hi all,

Ill Jiten here.  New art somehow next week… too mentally numb right now.  Flu medicine gooooood…



This is a set of badge designs created a couple of years back to sell during a charity week.

…And yes, pants have played a prominent role in the designs.


REPOST: Cupcake Mouse August 16, 2010

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Ahoy again people.

Seems Shib’s not been heeding my cried to post.  *sadface* So yet again, I must repost some older stuff to front page.

At least this week is a mighty good ‘un.  It seems an age since I remember her making any fimo clay stuff, so maybe this will remind hr that she still does good work with it 😀



Hand made, hand painted.  Cupcake Mouse stands at approximately 4cm tall and made out of fimo clay.  Should not be eaten.


A cheese June 6, 2010

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I made this:

Apologies for the nightmares…


Pastel Mice May 18, 2009

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These two Pastel Mice are made of fimo, acrylic and wire in a similar design to that of the Cupcake Mouse.  Like the Fat Cat, these could easily overun her house. 

…Mind you, they’re only 4cm tall…