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erm…. Baroque like octopus? January 10, 2011

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erm… i drew an octopus… it currently lives on my personal statement that goes with my CV…

*pokes screen*

BUT YEAH its basically a cuter version of this octopus i designed in college. I dunno if i’ve posted that up yet of not…. but if i can find that sketchbook…. i shall post it up 🙂




Some More Fashion Design October 13, 2009

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From the sketchbook of a modern baroque project comes this initial sketch that was planned to be produced, but didn’t materialize in the end.  Shib used fabric sparingly, but the same cant be said with her usage of rabbits.  They’re like her drug.


More Mad Interior Design October 9, 2009


This is yet more interior design from Shib’s modern baroque project.  She may have been high whilst drawing this.  On a sugar high.

Flying brains!! XD


Dress Design 1 September 29, 2009

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Siobhan made a lot of designs for costumes/dresses.  This is one.  It uses tissue paper 🙂


Modern Baroque Fashion Design September 22, 2009

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Shib’s project on Modernism and Baroque was split into three parts.  One of which was fashion.  This was a design idea from that 🙂


Modern Baroque Mood Board August 13, 2009

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OK so this is a mood board for the Modern Baroque project i was given at college.

we were told to make moodboards that expressed the 2.

I kinda just decided to use my scrap materials/print outs and pin them to a board (didnt wanna aste anything ya no?)

i HONESTLY thought my tutors were gonna eat me alive when i handed this in….

but turned out they loved it @_@ that still makes me wonder even now… why?


everyone else’s was sooooo much more neater, and nicer, and they spent more time on theres, and yet they were like “WOW LIKE AWESOME” (ok not exactly like that, but yeah…)

i guess sometimes its better when u do things spontaneously 🙂



Fashion Sketchu! July 27, 2009

I thought I’d share some design sketches today 🙂


i sketch alot of clothes/costume designs.

I think this is one of many reasons why i don’t have many finished pieces – sketching is when my mind is most free and everything just comes out

whilst with finished pieces, i over think things and end up getting drawers block >.<


These sketches were inspired by Modernism and Baroque


I love this combination XD


Shib xxx


Whale Head July 21, 2009

OK ITS MY BROTHERS BIRTHDAY TODAY so i’m not gonna put much of a description on here…

there isnt really much to describe anyway…. its just a fashion illustration i did using collage



IMG_9558 copy


Modern Baroque…. fashion illustration? July 11, 2009

b1 copyi remember feeling really happy when i did this

now i just feel a bit blinded by it XD

one of our tasks was to have a fashion outcome for our topic title “Modern Baroque”

and this is one of my fashion illustrations produced.

i quite liked my fashion design sketch book…. i shall dig it up some time 🙂



Modern Baroque Graphic Design June 17, 2009

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As part of one of her projects, the brief given to Siobhan was ‘Modernism meets Baroque’.  This is the result.