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REPOST: Girls need cute things, Or else they’ll die September 4, 2010

Today’s small repost comes courtesy of some Quest Crew fangirl-ism a couple of years back.

In other news: watch Scott Pilgrim.  It’s pure and refined awesomeness.



Yet another piece of Quest Crew fan art.  But this one is more about Siobhan I think….

The title sums it up…

But yes, Lydia is the grabbing onto all the chibis.  Victor is on the left.  Feng is draggin Steve in the background.  Hok is yelling for Ryan.  Lydia is manhandling Hirano and D-trix.  Ryan is having a mental breakdown in the right corner.



Sonic And Amy (No…Not That Amy) October 30, 2009

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This here is a gift for Shib’s first proper fan.


She’s still a lil shocked she has a fan XD


DC Fire October 16, 2009


one of :iconsatan-angel-kat:*Satan-angel-Kat‘s characters, DC Fire – [link]

i saw her comic in Orbital Manga, and i must admit, I’m itty bitty bit jealous about the fact that she’s selling a hard copy of her stuff in a store, and really annoyed at myself for not pushing myself hard enough to get something out there O_O

so yeah, this drawing was for her – for unknowingly giving me the kick i needed to get down to business :)

i’ve been recently practicing by using only pen/felt tip pens. :D because i need to learn how to relax when drawing.


Color Me Quest: Hirano September 25, 2009


🙂 Hirano the Stripper. That is all.


Legion Of Superheroes September 2, 2009



More fan art today, but I just about was able to dig this up.

…Shib’s still got no camera or scanner 😦


Windy August 30, 2009


oh man, my Super School Girl phase XD


drawn when i was 15. i made up my own little team of elemental girlies 😛

i was REALLY obssessed with W.I.T.C.H.

i have now completely discarded this story idea and come up with something a bit more darker.

whether it takes me a year or 5, i shall complete it 🙂



Color Me Quest: Ryan August 26, 2009

UPDATE: Shib has had to start watermarking the Color Me Quests.  Seems that some upscrupulous folks have been reposting them after cutting off the logo and signature.  So please, at least let it be known that Siobhan has made this series.  Struggling artists shouldn’t be robbed!


Part 2 of 4 in the Color Me Quest series is Ryan.  Hok and Victor still to come.

Again, the original can be found on Siobhan’s deviantART (link on right).