The artwork of Siobhan Alcaide

Fish to water. Shibby to art.

Panda Balloon August 26, 2009

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Above: MORE from the Lazy Oaf shindig.  Balloons with panda strings.


There Are No Cupcakes In Mars (a.k.a Choco Cookie!) August 25, 2009



This experiment in surreality comes courtesy of an art free-for-all at the Lazy Oaf store on Carnaby Street a few months back.  Siobhan worked with her friend Lakshmii and produced something that encompasses both cute and bizarre.

Oh…and cookies for the third day running…


Oaf Attack August 11, 2009

For Lazy Oafs “Oaf Attack” thingy…

basically their favourite pictures will be posted and the artists will get goodie bags XD

this probably isn’t the best of the best, BUT i tried my best so thats all that matters 🙂

shmii copy




Smile! I love you. June 15, 2009

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Contest entry for a Lazy Oaf t-shirt contest.


Posh Bun Bun April 29, 2009

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Drawn at a Lazy Oaf art night in Carnaby Street, this prettied-up bunny was part of a free-for-all of design on the night.